We are a carbon utilization platform based on plasma physics.

Every once in a while, a new technology solves a massive problem and changes the world. That’s what we have done at Carbogenesis.

We have figured out how to use carbon dioxide for good things by finding ways to activate CO2, break it apart, and use it to create valuable chemicals that industries and societies need.

No longer a pollutant, CO2 is transformed through plasma physics to become a valuable resource instead. This opens up a new roadmap for CO2 utilization.

Why store something when you can use it?


About Carbogenesis

Our mission at Carbogenesis is to enable industries to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by converting and utilizing their CO2. We treat carbon dioxide as an endless resource for making high-value materials instead of allowing it to pollute the atmosphere.

Carbogenesis was founded and is led by Dr. David Soane, a serial entrepreneur who has created multiple successful companies focused on industrial-scale green chemistries.

Our world-class technical team combines cutting-edge plasma physics, chemistry, and mechanical engineering to build the future of CCU: a plug-in solution for every major greenhouse gas emitter.

Carbogenesis is backed by Ara Partners, a global private equity fund specializing in industrial decarbonization investments. Together, we believe the future market potential for low-emission CO2-derived chemicals is unlimited.

The future market potential for low-emission CO2-derived chemicals is unlimited.

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Plasma-driven technology

Activating CO2 by harnessing the power of plasma physics for carbon utilization


Passion driven leadership

Meet the high-caliber Carbogenesis team propelling carbon utilization forward


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The Race to Achieve Net-Zero: Removing the Carbon Dioxide Roadblock

September 11, 2023
Dr. Sharon Webb

The gravity of the planet’s climate crisis will be a major theme at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in November 2023. Here is what we are doing at Carbogenesis.