We integrate CO2 utilization into CCU technologies by unlocking new chemical pathways for change. Our technology shatters fundamental chemical and engineering limitations enabling us to use CO2 for good.
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A new roadmap for CO2

Every once in a while, a new technology solves a massive problem and changes the world. That’s what we have done at Carbogenesis.

We have figured out how to use carbon dioxide for good things by finding ways to activate CO2, break it apart, and use it to create valuable chemicals that industries and societies need.

No longer a pollutant, CO2 is transformed through plasma physics to become a valuable resource instead. This opens up a new roadmap for CO2 utilization.

Why store something when you can use it?


Let's not leave the world with an ice-free Arctic

If emissions continue to rise unchecked, the Arctic could be ice-free by the Summer 2040. But what happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic. Sea ice loss has far-reaching effects around the world and we believe this is a serious wake-up call for humanity.
Transforming CO2 emissions is about securing a safer future for all, big and small.

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Plasma-driven technology

Activating CO2 by harnessing the power of plasma physics for carbon utilization


Passion driven leadership

Meet the high-caliber Carbogenesis team propelling carbon utilization forward


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The world’s in a hurry now. Let’s use CO2 --for good.

March 22, 2024
Written by Jane Lalonde

Occasionally, a new technology solves a massive problem and helps change the world. This is one of those times.