Creating value from CO2 emissions for partners, people, and planet

Carbogenesis was born to attack global warming at its root by providing technology that utilizes CO2 at the point of emissions, for good.

About Carbogenesis

Our mission is to enable net-zero CO2 emissions by productively integrating CO2 into established chemical engineering systems.

To do this, Carbogenesis is harnessing physics to convert carbon dioxide into a resource for making high-value materials, instead of allowing it to pollute the atmosphere.

Led by David Soane Ph.D., Carbogenesis has a world-class technical team with specialized and multi-disciplinary skills including plasma physics and chemical engineering that believe the future market potential for low-emissions CO2 derived chemicals is unlimited

Carbogenesis is backed by Ara Partners, a global private equity fund specializing in industrial decarbonization investments.

Founder story: 
Meet Dr. David Soane

Our founder, Dr. David Soane, is fascinated by the power of chemistry to unlock radical solutions for intractable problems, and he takes a hands-on approach to ensure their success.

After creating dozens of companies that leverage his chemical expertise, he is channeling his energies toward the greatest problem our planet faces: the destruction of our environment.

Dr. Soane is a chemical engineer, entrepreneur, and educator. His passion for curing the planet with green chemistry became sharply focused as he saw the world around him through the eyes of his two sons. He realized they would be inheriting a hotter planet with frequent storms, rising sea levels, wildfires, and devastating droughts, all due to an atmosphere overrun with greenhouse gases.

Today, he is committed to achieving a more sustainable world where carbon dioxide is transformed from a pollutant into a resource that creates abundance.

Before launching his chemistry-based ventures, Dr. Soane was a tenured Professor of Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley. He holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley and has hundreds of scientific articles and patents.

Our team heralds from some of the top research institutions in the world.

From MIT, Cambridge, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Georgia Tech, our executives and researchers are putting their education to work for global good.

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