We are harnessing thermodynamic principles to enable commercially effective carbon utilization. Our plasma technology can be integrated with existing chemical plants for point source capture and utilization.

Our scientists are paving the way to economically viable CO2 utilization

At Carbogenesis, we have re-engineered CO2, turning it from an invisible pollutant into a valuable resource.

Using plasma technology, we energize and activate CO2 molecules so that they can be converted into high-value chemicals for everyday life.

Why CO2 has been such a challenge for the world

Today, technologies exist to capture CO2 from point source emissions, and even remove it from the atmosphere. But little can be done with it afterwards. This molecule is so stubbornly stable that it resists chemical transformation.

Our plasma-based technology provides the energy needed to crack carbon dioxide into smaller activated fragments capable of reactions that create new, valuable chemicals.

In this way, we are offering these companies a profitable alternative to CO2 storage or sequestration by re-integrating the CO2 they capture into the circular carbon economy.

Plasma physics, meet chemical engineering

Once CO2 has been activated through the power of plasma, it can be combined with other molecules to form new chemicals. Carbogenesis transforms CO2 from an industrial chemistry waste product into feedstocks suitable for chemical engineering.

Carbogenesis adds another dimension to carbon capture and utilization

Carbogenesis’ plasma technology lets CO2 overcome its thermodynamic restraints, so that this molecule can contribute to important chemical reactions. Our plasma systems are engineered to interface with existing carbon solutions.

Our reactors are designed to be used on site, to activate CO2 right where it is formed and to process it into usable chemicals. In this way, we’re offering these companies a profitable alternative to CO2 storage or sequestration by re-integrating the CO2 they capture into the circular carbon economy.

Carbogenesis yields the high-value chemicals the world needs

Plasma-activated CO2 combines with simple molecules to make simple chemicals, or combines with more complex molecules to form larger, more complex products.

Activated CO2 thus becomes a key building block for a myriad of chemical reactions – all the while advancing the world’s transition to a circular carbon economy.

If you would like to learn more about our technology and how you can put CO2 to work in your industry today, please contact us.

"The world is on the brink of catrastrophic warming."

A dangerous climate threshold is near, but it does not mean we are doomed’ if swift action is taken, scientists say.

U.N. climate change report -2022

Imagine how different the world could look in the future? Our path to net zero starts now.

The Carbogenesis path to global net zero starts by transforming CO2 into industrial-scale chemicals – profitably.

Our plasma technology repurposes CO2 as a valuable resource, incentivizing the world’s transition to the circular economy.

Join us as we work together to reach the planet-sparing goal of net-zero by 2050.