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Dr. Alexander Soane


Dr. Alexander Soane (Sasha), an expert in plasma physics and microwave technology, has led the R&D group at Carbogenesis since 2022. His team of scientists and engineers produced the main Carbogenesis prototype and pilot plant. Sasha received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT, where he researched high-power, high-frequency microwave engineering under the direction of Dr. Richard Temkin. He authored multiple scientific papers based on this research, including one that earned the Outstanding Student Research award at the International Vacuum Electronics Conference in London.

After completing his Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees at MIT, Sasha started his career at Exponent, an engineering and scientific consultancy firm. He then joined Transform Materials as a Senior Research Scientist, where he contributed to the company’s scientific work in plasma physics and engineering. This stint at a cutting-edge startup allowed him to explore the intersection of scientific expertise and commercial ventures. Inspired by this experience, Sasha pursued an MBA at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.


"Our core research team drives Carbogenesis. We provide a real commercial CCU solution to the chemical and energy industries.” --Dr. Sasha Soane.

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