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Dr. Nicky Soane

VP, Business Development

Dr. Nicholas (Nicky) Soane received his bachelor's degree from MIT and his PhD in materials science from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Nicky’s PhD research centered on additive manufacturing with metal, ceramic, and graphitic powders. His work synthesized composite materials with unique mechanical and electromagnetic properties and capabilities, which could be rapidly formed as thin coatings or as bulk materials for numerous applications. Once the core technology was developed, a key part of his PhD experience was devoted to exploring commercial applications and partnerships for his research across multiple industries.

After his PhD, Nicky Soane became a solutions architect at nTopology, a computational design software startup that focuses on bridging the capability gap between traditional CAD software and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. As part of his role, Nicky worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace & defense, automotive, medical, electronics, and energy sectors.

In 2021, inspired by his passion for creating novel materials and sustainability, Nicky Soane returned to his roots of materials research and development by co-founding Soane Materials. After recruiting Soane Materials’ core science team and growing its business partnerships, Nicky joined Carbogenesis in 2023 to leverage his technical expertise in high value materials, including theory, experimentation, engineering, and project management. Nicky is currently also responsible for business development and maintaining industry partnerships at Carbogenesis.


“It is incredibly exciting to work with a highly talented and motivated team to push a technology from early-stage implementation to scale-up and commercial adoption. Our game-changing technology can disrupt the way companies and countries currently view and practice decarbonization.” --Nicky Soane

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