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Creating Profitable Opportunities from The Carbon Problem


Atmospheric CO₂ is Increasing

How to Approach Carbon Neutrality - CCUS Problems

Step 1: Capture the CO₂

  • Pure CO₂ (99%+) is required for deep-well storage or commercial utilization

  • There is a vast difference in project economics between point source capture and direct air capture, which requires concentrating CO₂

  • Direct Air Capture consumes approximately 4.1X the energy required to sequester CO₂ compared to exploiting even a "low-grade" (~15%) point source, according to thermodynamics

  • For ethanol, natural gas production, and ammonia plants where the CO₂ concentration is already at 99%, the carbon capture energy advantage of these point sources is immense

Step 2: Storing the Captured CO₂

Step 3: Utilize the CO₂ (but why is this so hard?)

Carbogenesis: The Next Generation of CCUS

  • Plasma technology overcomes CO₂ inertness so that its energized molecular fragments can be used to form other chemicals. No need for catalysts.

  • CO₂ is a resource creating abundance, instead of a waste product requiring thoughtful disposal.

  • Each plasma-activated molecular fragment cascades into multiple products with broad-addressable applications.

  • Core technology is proven and flexible, yet highly unique.

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